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The Brilliantly Told Story of Ken’s Own Weight Loss Journey with Slimming World.

A Book About Struggling With Weight Loss and Winning

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You know those celebrity weight loss books that make it seem like all you have to do is work out with your personal trainer, eat your perfectly portioned, personal chef prepared foods, be perfectly disciplined and the weight just magically falls off? Well, no, this is not that kind of book. Nope. What you have here is a book for the non-celeb, the everyday person with everyday weight loss issues.

“This book will inspire you.” (5 star Amazon review)

The person who struggles with their weight and might have problems committing to a new and healthy lifestyle.The person who needs to make a change but just needs a little push.The real person who just needs a little encouragement from another real person who took charge of their weight loss journey and found real-life success.This is that kind of book.

“Omg, it’s brillant” (5 star Amazon Review)

Follow along as the author gives you a candid look into the diary of his weight loss journey. Within the pages, read his private thoughts, musings, anecdotes and frustrations about what it’s really like to struggle with finding the right balance of creating a healthier lifestyle and making those changes work. Real life, real problems, real hunger. He’s right there with you.

“Great book. I could not put it down!” (5 star Amazon Review)

Feel free to laugh, cheer and even cry as you read but by the end, you will be encouraged. Are you ready to be inspired to make those healthier lifestyle changes in your life? If so, this book can help you get there…

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I Could Not Put This Book Down!

I could not put this book down! It is a thoroughly enjoyable read. You just cannot help but find yourself nodding and smiling in agreement as I so easily relate to my own journey through the experiences of Ken’s weight loss journey. This is a MUST read for anyone who is on their own weight loss journey – it is very motivational and inspires you to just get on and do it – the results will be well worth it. This book shows you you’re not on your own.


Tamsin Miles



Absolutely Brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant! A true account of life on our slimming world journey, funny, emotional and full of motivation. This book will inspire you. A must read for anyone who is trying to lose weight and be healthy or just to be nosy at what goes on at our slimming world group.

Taylor Roach



Wowza!!! What a read!!

An inspirational read whether or not you are on any weight loss diet. Light hearted, humorous and real life!


Martina Most



About the Author

With Alfie

Welcome to my Slimming World Website. Who would have thought it would come this far?  I have lost nearly seven stones (Six stones with Slimming World) and have one more to go. The picture shows me with my wife Karen and our wonderful grandson Alfie. I hope my book will give you the encouragement and the strength to follow through on your own weight loss journey.

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