You Keep On Going – Fiona’s Personal Story

Thank you Fiona for giving me permission to post your story here. I get asked this a lot; what’s the secret to your weight loss? The answer is really simple. You keep going. I am an emotional binge eater. Always have been always will be. I’ve been a member of all diets, first joining when I was […]

Simple But Not Easy – Losing Weight With Slimming World

I’m talking here about doing Slimming World. It is fairly simple to understand but it is not as easy to do for a number of reasons. Reason Number One – It Seems To Stop Working After A While Nearly everyone has a racing start with their weight loss in their first few weeks, perhaps with the exception […]

The Challenge Of A Lifetime – June’s Personal Story

I’ve been overweight since I was a young toddler. My mum would always tell everyone how I sat in my pram with a bag of grapes, refusing to share them with anyone else. By the time I was 12 I was into a size 16 school uniform and so it continued. My mum ran slimming […]