Kindle Edition of ‘The World of Slimming’ Launched

Well a big day today as I launch the Kindle edition of my book. I wasn’t planning on doing this just yet but circumstances and requests from people for this edition have made me change my plans. You can see it on Amazon by clicking the book cover below. The only thing is, I can’t […]

‘A Pound Is A Pound!’ – Taking Stock – #onplanoctober

This phrase ‘a pound is a pound’ is often said at the weigh station in our Slimming World group. Spoken softly with a hint of regret and melancholy. The feeling comes from someone who had expected so much more weight loss to be shown on the scales, only to be disappointed. But that is not […]

Abject Terror – #onplanoctober Day Four

This is an excerpt from my book – The World Of Slimming. It was never going to be the happiest entrance I had ever made. How bad could it be? Well as it turned out, it was dreadful! My nearest and dearest having already attended for the last two weeks had offered me comfort and encouragement […]

I’m In My Own Bubble – Do Not Disturb

Day three of my #onplanoctober has gone well despite the efforts of other people trying to push me off course. I have been truly angelic with my food choices and did a seven mile walk before breakfast this morning. However…I’m In My Own Bubble – Do Not Disturb Continue Reading

#onplanoctober Days One & Two – Housekeeping and Domestic Arrangements

We made a great start to our #onplanoctober. The things I do for my Slimming World Diet! I still hardly know how these hashtags work but nevertheless it seems to have done something to the internet in my tiny little world. I had six new Instagram followers and my Facebook group really encouraged me on […]