A Happy and Proud Homecoming

We returned to Bracknell this weekend to spend time with family. Most importantly with our grandson, Alfie. This gave us the opportunity to return to the Bluebrook Park Slimming World group. What a fabulous morning!


Naomi 'Before' Picture number one. So podgy

Naomi 'Before' Picture number one. So podgy!

Naomi had started the week 3 pounds away from her target. She informed me that she wanted to reach target by Saturday. This heralded a highly focussed and at times intensely fraught week of super strict food optimising and a great deal of walking. When I say focussed, I mean focussed. You know that thing when you are having a conversation and you suddenly realise that your nearest and dearest is no longer listening to you and is having special quiet time of her own? Well we had lots of that this week.

Notice she is wearing the same top - it was a bit of a favourite but is now disposed of

Notice she is wearing the same top - it was a bit of a favourite but is now disposed of

I was fairly confident of Naomi's success but she was not so sure. In the event the Target Bell rang out loud and the room of people clapped and cheered her success. Naomi was positively glowing with the achievement and kept her smile full on all morning. Mandy-Lace called her up to talk about her Slimming World Journey which she did eloquently and enthusiastically. It was very moving for me and many others in the room. She enjoyed a euphoric weekend being told how fabulous she looks by everyone we met. She was almost in disbelief at getting to target.

From left to right - Jackie, Martina, Naomi, Mandy-Lace & Nigella

From left to right - Jackie, Martina, Naomi, Mandy-Lace & Nigella. Celebrating Target Day

Saying I am proud of what she has done seems trite and inadequate compared to what I feel inside. Naomi is my forever girl and she has saved my life by doing Slimming World alongside me.

Other Things That Happened

So many things. We walked with Jackie on the Friday and sorted out all the world's problems. It was great to catch up with you Jackie.

We met up with many other members on the Saturday in group and swapped notes on how we were doing. June continues to lead the way with slow, steady and fantastic weight loss. 6 stones 12 pounds to date. I'm so pleased to see your success June, you look so good.

Harriet stood quietly in the queue looking amazing and got her 4 stones award, well done. Carly came back to group a few months ago and is really trying hard to get her head together with her food. You can do it Carly and you are worth it. Suzie shared that she had come off one of her medications due to her improved health. Brilliant! We had so many other precious stolen quick moments with lots of people in the group.

A long-time friend of mine joined the group at 9.30. I knew that he was planning to come, but it was still very exciting to see him walk into the room. Good luck on your journey, Samson.

Everyone Has Their Own Story

Diana started it all off in the Facebook group with a frank admission of her struggles with life and food since last September. There was a huge level of support for her. Then Charley chipped in talking about her own battles with health and received massive support and understanding. These two young ladies have lots of things going on in their lives and yet they come to group each week and help Mandy-Lace with the running of the Bluebrook Park group. I admire them both for their persistence and fortitude. In all this they are such good people who are always giving out to others.

Finally, Harriet wrote a superb piece on how Slimming World meant that she avoided taking the drugs she could have used. She ended the post with amazing before and after photos.

I love hearing other people's stories. They are each unique and inspiring in their own way. No two people are the same.

And So To Me

I am nowhere at the moment. Having been through a phase of high times and many life changes in recent months I have come out the other end with nothing to show in terms of weight loss. I never really get depressed, I'm an upbeat kind of person. But my lack of success is beginning to get even me down.

In the words of Martina and Jackie, I have lost my mojo. I still don't fully understand what mojo is but I am assured that it is not rude and that I am allowed to have some of it. I think it has something to do with friends helping each other in the good times and the bad and always being there. We can do things better together.

Because of this I am turning to a week of SP this week. Martina and Jackie have impetuously decided to join me. I hope you don't regret it.

I have only just correctly understood this version of the Slimming World diet. I have been doing it all wrong. I sat down and carefully read through my food optimising book last night. Very helpful to get back to basics. My first day's food will be porridge and summer fruits for breakfast. Crudités with SP hummous and fresh fruit for lunch and diet cola chicken for dinner. Wish me luck.

Post Script:

This post is about 36 hours late due to technical issues. I am back on it having spent two days solid on SP 100%. Karen and I enjoyed a fabulous walk with Jackie, Carly and Kerry on Monday night which helped get my head in order. This group teamwork is magical. We are now back in Wales and hope to visit a different local Slimming World Group this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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  1. Brilliant and such a wonderful morning to see Naomi get to Target – whoohooooo! ?

  2. Thank goodness I have reached target! Those pictures were awful- did I really look like that!? Wow – even I can see a difference. I also feel very different and full of confidence, hope and great expectation! I am now very determined to get you to target Ken – so watch out! This is so going to happen! I want to really enjoy being at target and I know that I can’t totally enjoy it without you being there too. Warning to Jackie, Carly, Nigella and Martina – if you haven’t made it by then I will be totally on your cases too! 🙂 🙂

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