‘A Pound Is A Pound!’ – Taking Stock – #onplanoctober

This phrase ‘a pound is a pound’ is often said at the weigh station in our Slimming World group. Spoken softly with a hint of regret and melancholy. The feeling comes from someone who had expected so much more weight loss to be shown on the scales, only to be disappointed. But that is not how I am feeling because of my weight loss this week. A Pound Is A Pound! I want to say it out loud to anyone who will listen, or in your case read.


A Pound Is A Pound - Yes It Is!

A Pound Is A Pound - Yes It Is!

I admit to being a bit of a misery in the past at such a number, but today I am over the moon. This pound of weight loss gets me back to the furthest I have come on this journey. Just over Eighty pounds in total so far. It represents the drawing of a huge black line on my troubles of this summer and a looking forward to the winter. From now on any further loss will be breaking new ground. I’m so excited about it.

My current weight is lighter than when I last played football in my twenties. That is huge! When I get to target I will be lighter than my wedding weight in 1978. I am only three and a half pounds away from my six stones award and seventeen and a half pounds away from my target. Are you taking in these stats? In group today I set myself a target of two pounds for this week.

One Pound At A Time

One Pound At A Time

More than this my head is in a good place at last. I have picked up on the hashtag #onplanoctober which for some reason has got into my head and got me back in the Slimming World saddle. I know many people who read my blog are currently struggling. I can feel your pain and I identify with it wholeheartedly. Joining Slimming World is a brilliant thing but we all have demons and dark things in our minds that play dreadful tricks with us. That’s why we need to lose weight in the first place. But I would ask you to take a look at how far you have come and take stock. Do it now.

Go on! Look in the mirror. Compare your before and after photos. Look in your record book at the stats and pat yourself on the back. Listen to the encouragement your friends and family are giving you and stop beating yourself up about a few mad days off plan.

Peach and Blackberry Terrine - 2 Syns for the Whole thing

Peach and Blackberry Terrine - 2 Syns for the Whole thing

So I will say it once more, with pride and satisfaction. A Pound Is A Pound!

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