A Series of Pow-Wows

This week was a series of secret and not so secret pow-wows. Lots of private and public conversations about all sorts of things. I would never dream of talking to people in the big wide world about how their weight loss journey is going, but in our Slimming World group it is at the centre of conversations. This is a good thing but sometimes means I end up learning confidential information about people.


I discover ailments I never knew people had, learn about their tough weeks and much more that I cannot even begin to mention. I can keep my mouth shut and never pass on these secrets. I’m honoured that people feel they can trust me with their stuff. The pow-wows today were very edifying and instructional for me.

Every week I check up on certain people’s weight loss.

Pow-Wow Number 1

Harriet is one of the people I check up on. She was chatting to Sasha and I started listening in to their conversation. Sasha just dropped into the conversation that she had now lost 7 stones 9 pounds! Harriet then revealed that she had never been as slim in her whole life.

The conversation continued something like this…

‘Did you just say that you have never been this thin your whole life?’ I asked incredulously whilst also taking in what Sasha had said.

‘I was on a Slim Fast diet when I was 14 years old.’ She replied. She was smiling easily and continued. ‘I’ve never been like this before in my life.’

The 3 of us reflected eagerly on how we would never go back to how heavy we were before. That time is over for us.

Pow-Wow Number 2

Sal announced to the group a few weeks ago that she was completely stuck on her weight loss and kept sabotaging her slimming regime. I asked her straight out today how she was doing and she grinned and told me she has done well and broken through the 1 stone barrier. She is losing weight again. I felt like cheering but I am English and don’t do that sort of thing.

Pow-Wow Number 3

Nikita and Bryn have been on holiday in Lanzarote. They posted a ‘wish you were here’ picture on the Facebook group just to make us jealous. They also told us they had eaten far too much on their holiday. I asked in a whisper during the group meeting how Nikita had done on the scales to which she started laughing. She only has to weigh once a month as she is a target member so she didn’t have to face the music. She has a few weeks to get back to where she was before her holiday.

Bryn was not quite so lucky. I don’t know how bad his increase was (Sorry, I should say ‘Gain’), but he was suitably glum while Nikita laughed her head off.

Pow-Wow Number 4

This little moment of brilliance came from our Slimming World consultant, Mandy-Lace. There was a discussion going on about the journal book you can buy to record your food and your progress. You write down everything you eat and record your weight loss.

‘Think how far you could go in twelve weeks!’ Mandy-Lace said. This lady is a genius.

Pow-Wow Number 5

Jackie hit target. This not so very secret pow-wow was the news of the day. Mandy-Lace enthusiastically rang the ‘Target’ bell and a few tears were shed by Jackie and Nigella. I stood a few metres away and watched the scene with huge satisfaction and admiration. We have walked the streets of Bracknell together in the walking group and talked for hours about getting to this moment. I am talking hours and hours and hours. On and on and on. I didn’t mind one bit.

Jackie stated that she wanted to reach her target before we retired to Wales. She left herself needing to lose 10 pounds in the last two weeks. This type of brinkmanship is not to be encouraged, and Jackie was completely worn out mentally and physically. But she did it! Yes she did. Well done Jackie.

Pow-Wow Number 6

This was a communication problem. We had long planned a group walk from Bagshot to Bracknell. I wanted to show Naomi and Jackie the seven miles walk through Swinley Forest that I had done many times in the last year. But no one had warned Krissy who only started with Slimming World last week. Being nice and friendly Krissy asked if she join our walk. Carly also came. But the surprise for Krissy was that we all got into our car and drove to Bagshot and then proceeded to walk all the way home. My apologies for the assumption that you knew, Krissy.

Bray and Brook

Bray and Brook

The Last Pow-Wow

Our last group meeting was 10th June 2017. We must find a new group in South Wales. But for today we were called up to the front and thanked for the help we have been in running the group. We have been part of the social team from week six of our journey and have thoroughly enjoyed being fully involved. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We were presented with two garden mascots, a bee and a cricket which we have named ‘Bray’ and Brook’ in honour of our wonderful group. Thank you for not giving us garden gnomes.

Stating The Blindingly Obvious

If you don’t stay to group you don’t get to share in all these Pow-Wows. You don’t get caught up in each other’s lives. You don’t get to share in the highs and lows. There is a life within Slimming World where support for each other means support for you. Staying to group is like an invisible refuel. Everyone walks with everyone else both figuratively and actually. It’s the means of keeping focused throughout the week. The group is the open secret of keeping on track and attaining your goal.

If you don’t stay to group you don’t have the humungous benefits of Pow-Wows. Just Sayin’.

Published by Ken Jones

This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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  1. Ken and Karen I love you to the moon and back…..you are so true about if you don’t stay to class you don’t know what’s going on…..I am humbled to have met your aquatintence xxxx

    1. Dear Nigella, You have made a huge impact for good in our lives. Thank you. And we are going to stay friends.

  2. Ken and Naomi you are such an inspiration. I wish I had more willpower but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s true it’s beneficial staying to group. I left this morning motivated and determined to get back on track. I have 4 weeks until our holiday – I can and I will do this.

  3. I’m going to miss you and Karen immensely.

    Your right though I did talk about my target a lot, oops, sorry!

    When I was congratulated by everyone I could see you out the corner of my eye standing by the door looking on… I was thinking I can’t look in your direction or I knew I’d be even more emotional. I needed to compose my self first!

    There was such relief knowing I’d made it, all the hard work had paid off, I can enjoy my holiday knowing even if I have a gain I CAN reach my target again.

    I wish both you and Karen a very happy retirement in Wales and look forward to visiting.

    And thank you for your lovely message in my book, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and feel honoured to be a part of your journey.


  4. You weren’t the only one in the room composing themselves. I was saying ‘get a grip’ inside.

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