Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Following last week’s fantastic meeting we find ourselves in South Wales on holiday. Saturday morning found me wishing I was back in Bracknell in the World of Slimming group. Fortunately, in this digital age I could follow some things on Facebook as people posted their results.

Bella lost 3.5 pounds and gained her half stone award. Stan also lost the same amount. Stan also won the raffle and worried about the fact that his daughter had drawn the winning ticket. We trust you Stan. Slimmer of the week was Harriet who lost 4 pounds. Harriet is quite new to the group having just had a baby. She is highly focused and keen.

I did lots of ‘likes’ and wrote some encouraging words to most people who posted. Felicity maintained this week which she is happy with. I’m not sure if I believe her. Candice put on half a pound and I can hear her disappointment in the few words she posted.

Stans Bag of Goodies
Stan’s Raffle prize, a bag of googies

We will be back in the group next week and I can’t wait. It feels like the end of one era and the start of the new one. Winning couple of the year was a big surprise and we are most grateful. But the job is not done yet. We still need to lose more weight to reach our targets.

Today I did a six-mile walk from our hotel to a supermarket in Neath and back again. I had forgotten how hilly Wales is. Still, six miles is well within my capabilities nowadays. There are no dedicated paths or cycleways here so I had to walk alongside the roads, very noisy and smoggy.

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