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I remember two major injustices that happened to me in primary school. The first time, I must have been about 6 years old. I was sent to the headmaster with an exercise book in my hand. I was given a severe reprimand by him and then sent back to class. Nothing unusual in that except that to this day I have no idea what my offence was. Was it my handwriting? Was it me scribbling on my book? Or perhaps my views on the nuclear arms race in the 1950’s? I never found out but the memory of it rankles large with me even today.


The second injustice was being punished for a misdemeanour I didn’t do. I knew the identity of the person responsible for doing something rather disgusting in the boy’s toilet, but I had already learnt at the age of 7 years that you don’t tell on people. I saved vengeance and justice for the offender later on after school. I was not without friends and we made a gang. We called the culprit horrible names and refused to walk home with him for ages. Fifty-five years after the event it’s time for me to name and shame him. His name was John Bartlet. Why can I remember his name all these years later and forget things that happened only 2 hours ago?

Ken takes a deep breath…

I’m getting to it, just be patient!

Ken takes another deep breath…

And so I move on to the mystery of my gain on Saturday. So much heartache over a half pound gain. I honestly do not know what I did wrong but ‘I’m OK with it’ (Now), am ‘moving on’ and ‘drawing a line under things’. I do however feel that I am being punished for something I didn’t do. It’s another episode of injustice for me to suffer. I have been searching in my mind for the explanation for it but I can’t discover it.

Obviously, I must be doing something wrong. Because of all this soul-searching I have gone back to my Slimming World school. Back to basics with a food diary. I have never been keen on food diaries not least because my handwriting is appalling. I’m trying to write neatly but it is hopeless. I might have to type it up before I hand it in.

My New Food Diary

My weekend was somewhat complicated by an itinerary full of events and occasions I must attend. Here is my Saturday.

7.00 – Slimming World Group. Took my overnight oats and had some sweetcorn relish on Ryvita provided as the taster in group.

9.30 – Men’s conference – Tons of free biscuits but I stuck to my black coffee

14.00 – Dinner out in Camberley with Naomi, our daughter and her partner. Ordered something called ‘Naked Burger’ which was OK but not as much fun as it sounds. I allowed 10 Syns for the burger and 5 Syns for the salad dressing. The salad was pitifully small and mundane. I was not impressed.

Naked Burger

Felt cheated with this 'Naked Burger' It is the same price as the normal Bill's Burger but with all the fun bits removed. Still the same price and no extras in the salad.

17.00 - Home for a short break

18.30 – Long walk with Naomi

20.30 – Evening snack, lots of fruit and some cheese as I hadn’t had my ‘healthy A’. I’m afraid ‘healthy A’ is still causing me confusion, see below.

Sunday was even busier than Saturday but I won’t trouble you with the details. Lots of wonderful shared food in social settings where I tried not to eat and enjoy the glorious food being provided. I managed Sunday without a problem and feel proud for staying on plan. Rest assured that I am recording ‘in the moment’ everything that passes my lips and will present it to Mandy-Lace next Saturday. As I write this, nearly three days into my food diary, I can confirm that I am behaving myself, staying on plan and recording everything as it happens.

Slimming World Food Diary

I wish I could keep my Slimming World Food Diary this tidy

Healthy A Problems!

The wonderful Martina asked a question in group that arose out of a conversation we had in the week. It appears that for 15 months I have been doing ‘healthy A’ wrong. Martina has also been doing it wrong but for 3 years. Way to go girl! Not only that but we have been wrong in exquisitely different ways.

I have been avoiding having my ‘healthy A’ thinking that I have already had it with my Muller Light yoghurt. But apparently, this is free food. Martina thought that if she didn’t finish her measured milk allowance then she had to ‘Syn It’. Her mistake is blindingly obvious, mine is much harder to spot!?

I am not totally confident that I have it properly sorted out in my head even now. But I am not going to count my Yoghurt as my ‘healthy A’, if I have one.

Some Honourable Mentions

Kath hit Target and got her 4½ stones award – Magnificent.

Jackie lost 4½ pounds in the last week – Determined.

Zena returned to group – Great to have her back. We could have talked all day but I had to dash off.

Nigella now has a Fitbit and is providing strong competition in our Workweek Hustle group. Slow down! You only just bought it.

Jolene read my book, The World of Slimming, and told me she loved it. She said it gave her just the kick up the backside she needed. Anyone who says this sort of thing to me will get a mention in the future.

Naomi lost 3 pounds and is perilously close to her target – I am so proud of her.

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This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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