When Do You Draw The Line After Getting Weighed?

​As you may know, this summer we moved across country from Berkshire to South Wales. The town we used to live in was near the queen in Windsor, although she never did pop in for a cuppa! This move necessitated us changing many things, doctors, dentists, church and of course our Slimming World group. Who […]

Simple But Not Easy – Losing Weight With Slimming World

I’m talking here about doing Slimming World. It is fairly simple to understand but it is not as easy to do for a number of reasons. Reason Number One – It Seems To Stop Working After A While Nearly everyone has a racing start with their weight loss in their first few weeks, perhaps with the exception […]

Non-Scale Victories – I Want So Much More Than This

Each week when we attend group each member is asked by their consultant what their target is going to be for the following week. Some people never want to promise themselves a number. Other more forthright people, like myself, always state a figure. This can create problems for me the following week. Because other people […]