Celebrate Good Times

There is only one major thing to write about today. It was the main event at the 7.30 a.m. group meeting. (Do we really get up that early for Slimming World?) Jemima achieved her target. Her scream of delight would have been heard loud and clear in the car park. She might not have noticed but most members were watching and paying close attention as she got on the scales. We were all hoping for the best. Mandy-Lace stood next to her to make sure everything worked correctly. She has special powers over the scales on certain weeks!


This time the machine was not broken and revealed the numbers that Jemima had been hoping for. There was a huge groundswell of goodwill towards her. It’s as if we have been living the last 2 months of her journey with her. Well we have at the very least been living it all on a Saturday morning each week. Jemima is the epitome of grit and determination, and seeing that attitude rewarded with success is brilliant. Very comforting and encouraging for those of us who still have a way to go.

Katya didn’t have to sing ‘Let it Go’ as she lost 2 pounds. Jackie was mystified as to how she could have lost weight and yet she did. On the Facebook group, there was a lot of soul searching and discussion about struggling with food and dealing with temptation. Joan put up a picture of a road with lots of bends in, as that is how she sees her weight loss experience. I put up a picture of a man standing in a road facing a huge brick wall, which expresses my feelings about the next part of my weight loss journey. It is not going to be easy.

Gollum and Sméagol

Today I had a major victory over cake temptation. You can see the piece of cake I am referring to in the picture. ‘My’ piece is the one in the foreground as it was the biggest. Notice how it innocently sits on the plate and beckons me silently. This was no cheapy cake from Aldi or Lidl. It was proper posh chocolate traybake cake from Waitrose. I have eaten it before and it is totally delish. It is also 14 syns per slice.

The ‘Gollum’ part of me tried to rationalise my eating of the cake by telling my brain that it was ‘only’ 14 syns. Then the ‘Sméagol’ part of me said inside my head that it was midday and I should remember that syns are always useful later in the day when I start to weaken and consider going off plan. (Gollum/Sméagol is a character from J.R.R.Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings books. He is always arguing with himself. Ever done that?)

The inner warring conversation continued over the next twenty minutes.

Gollum ‘You wants it my precious. Yes, yes, you knows you wants it.’

Sméagol ‘You hates it. Leave Sméagol alone.’

Gollum ‘But you knows it’s your piece of cake.’

Sméagol ‘Yes I do, No I don’t! I mustn’t be bad.’

Gollum ‘There are plenty of other pieces of cake for other people, you must surely be allowed just one tiny little piece of cake.’

Sméagol ‘Yes, yes, you are right, and most other people have already had their cake. I haven’t had any cake and I deserves a piece of cake.’

Gollum ‘Of course you do, well said, now go on…take it now…It looks lovely.’

Sméagol ‘It does look lovely, and it is my piece of cake.’

Gollum ‘No one else will notice and no one else will know.’

Sméagol ‘But I would know.’

Gollum ‘I told you my precious, you can trust me, yes, yes, you can have it. It will be our little secret.’

Sméagol ‘No, no, no! Not only would I know, and my body would know, but Naomi would know too!’

Amazingly, I didn’t give way and left the piece of cake stranded on the plate despite having it offered to me numerous times. Only people who have struggled on diets will relate to the above conversation and understand it fully. At least I hope you do. Or am I the only loony one? Please comfort me in the comment box below and tell me it’s not just me.

Here is a great celebration song for Jemima from one of the best bands ever. Kool and the Gang. For best results enjoy at full volume!

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9 replies on “Celebrate Good Times”

  1. Loving the blog Ken. I actually laughed when I read the gollum / Smeaogol conversation in your head. I can totally relate to struggles with temptations. In my case it’s wine.

  2. I ate chocolate cheesecake on Sunday it was the tiniest slice, believe me it really was tiny but then there was cream and ice cream!! ?
    Not happy with myself at all. I will be good for the next five days.

    Love the blog. X

    1. Hi Tanya. It’s hard to stop once you have started. That’s why it was important I didn’t eat once piece. I could have demolished them all!

  3. Hi Ken, I so relate! Well done for resisting! I have the same problem. If I start on the cake there’s no stopping so best to keep away. I think on b’days I’ll bring fruit instead!! Haha.

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