I’m In My Own Bubble – Do Not Disturb

Day three of my #onplanoctober has gone well despite the efforts of other people trying to push me off course. I have been truly angelic with my food choices and did a seven mile walk before breakfast this morning. However…

I’m In My Own Bubble – Do Not Disturb

I’m In My Own Bubble – Do Not Disturb



We are having our bathroom replaced this week which means that there is no shower. This turned my mind to the possible location of showers locally. ‘I know…’ thinks I… ‘they have showers in Gyms.’ And it turns out that they do. The nearest gym is a mere two and a half miles away in Gorseinon. This lead us to investigate the possibility of us joining the gym. It turns out they don’t do one-week memberships. Then we thought that perhaps we should join up anyway.

We were greeted by Aimee who was so shiny and alive that I should have worn my sunglasses. She was totally upbeat and cheerful. It was hard not to let her down and say we only wanted to use the showers this week. We had a lovely tour of all the machines and the changing rooms. Honestly, it is a brilliant facility. But the problem is that Gyms are very boring places in my opinion. But Aimee did a valiant job of showing us everything including the fact that you could watch any television program you wanted, even Jeremy Kyle.

I shocked poor Aimee by telling her that I have been to Jeremy Kyle’s home a number of times, six I think, and have spent a fair amount of time working in his house. Why does this information always bring out a stunned opened mouth response?

We left the Gym still not sure whether we would join up or not. It would be useful in the winter when the weather is bad but otherwise I don’t think we would go very often. It would give me the chance to don some lycra and stand around posing by the machines. Well maybe I shouldn’t do that. I don’t think the world is ready for me in lycra.

Today's Walking

Today's Walking


We went shopping due to the noise and disturbance from the workmen in our house. As part of this adventure we found the shop called Wilko. Now here is a business that hasn’t found its unique selling point as yet in that it seems to sell a bit of everything. It tries so hard to be a shop but I can’t think of how to describe it except that it is a bit like The Range. Hardly a glowing recommendation.

Now Simone has obviously done her staff training and served me efficiently as I purchased some shower gel. You never know when you might join a gym and need some shower gel. She then cleverly offered me a completely unrelated upsell of a bag of milk chocolate buttons. Chocolate Buttons!!! I’m not allowed those, not even close. In fact, I said no in an instant. ‘I’m in my bubble today 100%, don’t you tempt me!’ I thought inwardly.


I’m guessing that Myfanwy is welsh by both her name and her accent. She works in the Costa café that we decided to use as our watering hole at lunchtime. I spent 5 or 6 minutes searching through the Slimming World App to see if there was anything legal in Costa. It appears there is not. In the end I ordered a bacon roll and guessed at 10 syns. Infuriating. It is not Myfanwy’s fault there was nothing for sale suitable for me on my diet but in my mind, I made it her fault anyway.

Food today was OK but not brilliant. Breakfast, poached eggs on toast with baked beans, Lunch, Bacon roll – Myfanwy’s fault, Dinner, Roast Lamb dinner with yoghurt for pudding. Steps today so far 22,934.


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