Kindle Edition of ‘The World of Slimming’ Launched

Well a big day today as I launch the Kindle edition of my book. I wasn’t planning on doing this just yet but circumstances and requests from people for this edition have made me change my plans. You can see it on Amazon by clicking the book cover below. The only thing is, I can’t sign the Kindle version for anyone.


Kindle Edition of 'The World of Slimming' published today

Kindle Edition of 'The World of Slimming' published today

The Second Edition

I have long planned to publish a second edition of the book once I have reached target but I have put that on hold for now. The main reason for this is that the publishing process has distracted me from the main goal I have which is to lose weight. I have decided to give myself some space knowing that I will lose the weight but with no timetable for it to happen.

Having made the decision, I already feel the benefits in terms of my motivation and determination. If and when it comes, the second edition will have many of the blog posts from my website and some of the fantastic personal stories that many of you have contributed. It will be at least three times longer in terms of word count – the current draft sitting on my computer is just over 60,000 words.


My #onplanoctober is going very well and I am in the middle of day nine with not a Cheat or a Tweak in sight. I don’t even think I will be tempted as I have really got it into my head to complete the whole month. I would be so proud to get there, a real achievement.

#onplanoctober - Day Nine

#onplanoctober - Day Nine

This Morning’s Walk

I did a long ten mile walk yesterday with Naomi that did not end well. Suffice to say that I have booked my doctor’s appointment in nine days’ time to review how well/unwell I am with my heart. I wish it could be sooner. I posted briefly about it last night on my Facebook group and was so touched and encouraged by the support I received. Thank you lovely people.

Naomi was fast asleep at 5.50 this morning as I embarked on a short four-mile stroll. I took it easy and felt no after effects from the night before. The tow path which runs along the marsh edge was teeming with runners and cyclists all getting their workout in before setting out on their days. I was so impressed and felt like one of the ‘in’ crowd for being there with them. They were all going really fast which made me feel a bit pedestrian but never mind. I was there!

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