Amazon Reviews for 'The World of Slimming'

Slimming World 3D Cover

Unstoppable. I could not put this book down! It is a thoroughly enjoyable read. You just cannot help but find yourself nodding in agreement as you so easily relate your own story to the experiences of this man's weight loss journey.I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is on their own weight loss journey - it is very motivational and inspires you to just get on and do it - the results will be well worth it.

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Brought this book as I personally know the author as we go to the same slimming group. Nobody knew he was writing it and I can honestly say it's a very funny, moving book. Very easy to read and anybody that has or is going through their slimming journey can relate to the authors feelings and thoughts.


I have just finished this and.... Omg it's brilliant. As a member myself of the same group (therefore I know the author personally) it is a brilliant read and totally relatable. Definitely recommend it

F. D.

This book is a very true and accurate account of what it is like to attend The World of Slimming! Made me chuckle all the way through reading about Ken's "journey" and he doesn't use that word lightly! Would recommend to anyone who has ever struggled with their weight.

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I have struggled with weight for a number of years now, so this book really helped me by showing me that I am not alone. It is extra useful to read for a male perspective on a very female environment... I love you ladies in group, but I dont get to blame 'star week'... I have to own up to scoffing too many treats!

Told in a weekly blog format, Ken Jones gives an honest and often wry look at losing weight, and its pitfalls... plus little nuggets of wisdom that can be adopted by all of us. Keep it up!


Great book. I could not put it down! I completely relate to so much of what was said. A very real book for people trying to loose weight. Funny and serious a great inspiration for the rest of us on this journey. Thank you Ken appreciated.


Absolutely brilliant! A true account of life on our slimming world journey, funny, emotional and full of motivation. This book will inspire you. A must read for anyone who is trying to lose weight and be healthy or just to be nosey at what goes on at our slimming world group.

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A great read & very inspiring, read cover to cover in 24hrs....good little book & very realative.


Wowza!!! What a read!!  An inspirational read whether or not you are on any weight loss diet. Light hearted, humorous and real life!