Slimming World Breakfasts

I had spotted it a few days earlier. Hiding on the top shelf of the fridge behind a jar of pickle. How did it get there? Did Karen or my mum buy it without telling me. Perhaps my daughter left it behind on her last visit. A small inviting pack of Mozzarella Cheese unopened. What’s more it was 50% half fat Mozzarella.

A quick check in my Food Optimising book tells me I can have 70g of this stuff as my Healthy Extra A. 70grams! I’m so going to enjoy this.

I had spent some time fretting about how I should use it. I could top a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise with it, or I could make a WW wrap pizza. Finally, this morning at about 6.09a.m. I simply decided that cheese on toast was the answer. I mean what could be better than cheese on toast for brekkers? I sat up in bed and savoured the promise of it for a while. Around 7.16a.m. I went downstairs to prepare the meal. I didn’t want to rush things.

Slimming World Breakfasts

Slimming World Breakfasts

Huge Disappointment

I checked that we had bread. Yes! I had made a loaf yesterday. I opened the fridge to check that the Mozzarella was there, and it was. Removing it carefully as if I was handling an item of great value and delicacy I glanced at the sell by date. The 4th March 2018. That was six weeks ago! I have had a few disappointments in life and this was up there with the others, let me tell you.

I now had to decide whether I could safely eat it. Opening the pack, I looked at the ball of cheese and prodded it. It looked OK. It didn’t smell weird, it was ready to eat. But I couldn’t do it. I had to be satisfied with egg on toast with bacon on the side. Having been cruelly denied my breakfast of choice and being in a bit of a mood by now, I refused to have any speed food with my meal to punish the Slimming World gods.

14 Tasty Slimming World Breakfasts

Here are some of my favourite Slimming World breakfasts that I enjoy assuming all the ingredients are in stock and not past their sell by date.

Plain porridge with syrup – I make the porridge with water and salt in a microwave oven and add a dollop of syrup for 2 syns on top. Karen usually has jam with hers.

Chocolate porridge with fruit – This smashes your Healthy Extras to pieces in one fell swoop at the beginning of the day but it is delicious. I sometimes have it with banana or mandarin segments. Frozen summer fruits is another option.

Fat free Honey Yoghurt with fruit and Grapenuts – Very quick to prepare and I sometimes only use 20g of the Grapenuts so that I have half of my Heathy Extra B saved for later.

Oaty Waffles with Yoghurt and fruit and sometimes a drizzle of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

Omellete – almost any sort of omelette served with side salad. This breakfast means that you don’t use your Healthy Extras and can save them for later in the day.

English breakfast - Skinny pork sausages from Aldi 1½ syns each. Plus eggs, bacon, beans, mushrooms tomato et al. Another Healthy Extra saving breakfast.

Huge pile of fresh fruit with perhaps a yoghurt. This is easier in the summer months when there is a huge, plentiful range of fruit available.

Scrambled Egg on Toast – I usually add bacon into the mix.

Weetabix Additions with milk - Our ‘go to’ breakfast when we are away from home and need to be good. Easy to pack and just find some milk to go with it.

Steak and chips with side salad. I don’t have this very often, but It is an option if you are going out for a day of hill walking.

‘Actifry’ roasties/chips with egg and bacon and sweet chilli sauce. The Tefal Actifry manages to cook lots of things for almost no syns but roasties and chips are the best. If ours broke down, we would buy another one immediately.

Rainbow Breakfast – The idea is to have sausage, bacon and egg as your protein with as many salad vegetables as you can find. The more the merrier. It looks very appetising and is great if you know you are going to be busy all day. It keeps you going till supper.

Rainbow Breakfast

Rainbow Breakfast - as many different colours as I could find

Overnight Oats – I think we all know this one. There are many variations but my method, which is the correct way, is usually a muller light yoghurt, 40g oats and frozen summer fruits. Put in the fridge overnight and you have breakfast ready to eat in the morning.

Mozzarella cheese on toast – but not today as my cheese is out of date…

Meanwhile I need to talk about something…

The Elephant In The Room

When you have been on a weight loss program for a long time you get to a point where you nearly stop losing weight. It becomes very hard to finish the job and get to target. This is my experience anyway. As a result of this most people get a bit sensitive and wary of asking me how it is going. I say ‘most people’ but that doesn’t mean ‘all’ people.

The elephant in the room in my case is people asking, ‘How is your weight going?’

Karen and I had the pleasure of attending Nigella’s birthday party in Bracknell a few weeks back. There were many friends from our old Bluebrook Park group in attendance which was good. Not least of these were Martina and Jackie.

There is an Elephant in the room

There is an Elephant in the room - "How Is Your Weight Going?"

‘How Is Your Weight Going?’

We arrived in time for the big surprise reveal – Nigella had no idea about the party – and then sat down with our Bluebrook Park friends. Barely had we got comfy when Jackie asked, ‘How is your weight going?’ Trust her to just come out and say it. Thank You Jackie.

There are a few people in our Killay group who are also always keen to know, Holly, Mary and Shay come to mind. But in the main it’s all a bit secretive and hush hush.

Sidenote About Nigella’s Party

I had a fantastic non-scale victory during the party. The music was playing, and we were dancing in a Bluebrook Park group, about 15 of us. I’ve got moves on the dance floor you know. Not very good ones but I have got them. Anyway, Nigella’s sister who I haven’t seen for a year or so was one of the dancers. Suddenly she shouted out ‘Ken!’ at the top of her voice and ‘I didn’t recognise you!’.

She hadn’t realised how much weight I have lost and was effusive with her praise and congratulations. She came over and hugged me and said a hearty well done. I was on top of the world, if a little embarrassed.

So How Is My Weight Going?

For those people afraid to ask, I am nearly back to reclaiming my 6 stones award. I go down a bit and then up a bit but feel that my head and my body is in a good place to finish what I started. I am trying to overcome a prescribed drug that I must take for life that inhibits weight loss but other than that I have no excuses. And please don’t be afraid to ask me about my weight. I am my favourite subject of conversation.

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