So Much To Say – So Little Time

I made my 5 stones award today. Yes I did! I really did! It still feels like a bit of a dream. I have staked so much on reaching this goal that I had almost stopped thinking that I would get there. Nigella and Martina tried to get away with a celebratory high five but I had to hug. And I’m not even a huggy type of guy. The first thing Clarice said to me at the last group was “Did you make your goal”. Just fantastic support all round.


My pleasure was further improved by witnessing Joan achieving her 4 stone award. This had eluded her for some weeks but she made it today. Everyone was so pleased for her. We both have much more to do but reaching these milestones is important and we should celebrate them wholeheartedly. Jemima just missed hitting her target and was suitably frustrated. She had curtailed her birthday food much better than I would have done. She had been very dedicated all week but just missed it by a half pound. But we all KNOW that she will get there.

Jackie didn’t achieve her 3.5 pounds’ loss for the week and came in with a pound. But ‘a pound is a pound’. That phrase should go in the ‘Lost in Translation’ chapter in my book but I don’t think the translation would be printable. It goes something like this. “You mean that I have jolly well walked to the moon and back, and jolly well starved myself all week and all I lost is one measly, pathetic pound!” Jackie is in our Workweek Hustle walking team and is always near the top of the leader board. I don’t know how she does it with a young baby to care for.

The high point in the first group meeting was a magnificent soliloquy delivered by Ivan. Ivan is one of our older members and comes with his wife Shirley. He spoke eloquently and he spoke long about how much he misses chocolate biscuits and cakey treats. I can imagine him mooching around at home, late at night, looking for something to scrump on, and his chagrin at finding nothing. The disappointment in his voice was clear to us all.

I am of the same opinion as Ivan. The Slimming World diet is brilliant but you do have to heavily restrict certain food groups to succeed. You can eat chocolate, biscuits, cakes, cheese and other goodies but not very much. It just goes with the territory. These days, when I am mooching around for a treat I eat an apple. But if we had proper cakes in the house I would be at them in a flash. Having said this I usually keep a stock of home-made Slimming World biscotti or ginger biscuits which Naomi and I allow ourselves once or twice a day. It’s all about the planning and preparation for me. When I get the itch for a treat I must have them ready to hand immediately. Otherwise I go mooching for something worse. I will even mooch to a shop if I feel the need.

My mind’s conversation goes like this.

“I must have a treat Now! I am sure I have earned it and deserve it.”

You rabidly consume your treat – hopefully on plan but not always.

“OK, I can live for another half an hour now that I have had my treat. All is right with the world. My mind is at rest… And Breathe!”

One final thing. Katya has promised that she will sing ‘Let It Go’ at group this coming week if she doesn’t lose any weight. Here it is just to get you in the mood.

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This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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