Starting Well and Finishing Strong – Jackie’s Personal Story

I joined Slimming World around 9 months ago as I'd managed to lose the weight I had gained from my pregnancy with my youngest son, Harry, who was then 4 months old, but I knew I was still overweight.


I remember walking into the room and being greeted by a gentleman, whom at the time I didn't realise was going to have such a huge impact on my weight loss journey. He has become a dear friend. His name was Ken.

I was shown to the new members area and sat amongst a number of other new members. I felt very overwhelmed and daunted by the whole Slimming World process. Prior to coming, I'd decided to join Slimming World, as my mother had been on a Slimming World journey herself and it had worked for her so I figured it was a good reason to join.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the chat so Mandy-Lace very kindly let me weigh myself and quickly leave before disturbing the image therapy session. As the weeks went on the weight slowly came off and it was a good feeling, until Christmas arrived and all the lovely Christmas treats hindered my journey.

Just after Christmas a number of the Slimming World members were talking in group about Fitbits. I wondered what all the fuss was about, my husband kindly treated me to a Fitbit and my life changed completely. I joined the Fitbit world… and it's really is a crazy world. I found that I have a very competitive side in me. I joined challenges with fellow Slimming World buddies and began finding myself walking everywhere!

Then came the moment I heard that Ken, who I had only spoken to very briefly on one occasion (We had literally exchanged comparisons on how far we walk) had written a book, a book about dieting from a man’s point of view. I thought I should purchase this book and see what all the fuss was about as a number of Slimming World members were reading this book and were giving it fabulous reviews.

Slimming World 3D Cover

At the next Slimming World meeting I bought the book and Ken kindly signed my copy with a brief message. That weekend I read the book...Well I was gripped, the start of the book reminded me of what my husband went through with his heart surgery four years previously and brought tears to my eyes, it was all very close to home. I just couldn't put the book down. At the end of the book Ken had put a Fitbit challenge score board up and I looked at the date and suddenly I thought, I must be in this score board as I was on the challenge, I got very excited and eagerly asked Ken what my name was in the book! It was Jackie.

As the weeks went on I got to know Ken further, along with his wife Karen, he's great at organising walks and has shown me many areas of Bracknell I never knew existed!

I was about a stone away from target when I heard that Ken & Karen were soon to be moving to Wales... I was gutted, but it was the kick up the bum I needed as I was struggling to shift the weight (it was going up, then down, then up). I really wanted Ken & Karen to witness me reaching target. But not only that, I wanted to lose an extra pound to get my 2 ½ stone award! Anyway, the deadline was getting ever so close (2 weeks to be precise) and I had to lose 10lb to get to target, so I thought there was only one way I'm going to do this! I spent 2 weeks eating only SP food, and walking loads!

After the first week, I'd managed to lose 4 ½ lbs, it was a hard week but I managed it, target was in sight! Then came the realisation I had 5 ½lbs to lose in seven days, I honestly don't know how I did it, but I did. Getting on those scales I was incredibly nervous. Joan was mean and covered the screen so I couldn't see what my weight was, she rang that target bell which was brilliant but I wanted to know if I'd lost an extra pound to reach my 2 ½ stone award. She took the cover off and I looked... I'd only gone and done it! I shouted out 'YES!' then proceeded to get tearful as Nigella & Mandy-Lace gave me congratulation cuddles. The hard work had paid off, I'd achieved my goal and everyone was there to witness it.

Janine celebrating reaching target with Ken and Karen

Janine celebrating reaching target with Ken and Karen

It's honestly the best feeling, but I knew deep down I had over done it and stressed myself too much to achieve this in such a short space of time.

Since losing the weight, the amount of comments I've had has been truly wonderful, I feel like a new woman!

Now my next challenge is to keep the weight off!

Published by Ken Jones

This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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