The Lonely Journey – Don’t Give Up!

First and foremost, please watch the 3 minute video before reading.

In the last two weeks we have witnessed some mountain top experiences with Jemima, Lane and Leonna, plus a few others reaching interim goals. But it is a long lonely journey we all travel towards our destination.


It’s a lonely journey because only the individual can do it. We can all participate and encourage one another, but it is each person’s determination and willpower that brings success.

We all have a target. We all have an aim. We all set our sights, and we drive forward. The journey is tough. The journey is long. We need each other to help us carry on. We hold each other up when the going gets tough. We support each other when we lose our way. But that final hurdle, only we can do. At that point we all stand and applaud because the victory belongs to the one who reaches their target.

Each time a target is reached it spurs the rest of us on. We are always going to reach a target, we say, every one of us, and it is that hope and expectation that keeps us focussed and driving on.

Lane hit her target this week. In 2 consecutive weeks we have witnessed three people achieve their weight loss goals. Jemima, Lane and Leonna have shown the sort of perseverance that brings success. But they were never in competition with each other. This is a different type of race where everyone can win. It is a race where you set your own finishing line and then work towards it.

Fast Weight Loss With Slimming World

There are some people who join up with Slimming World and from day one they race away very fast towards their goal. These people can be very annoying with their smug ‘know it all’ attitude. This was how I was until I hit my first ‘maintained’ week. (Week Six in my book) That brought me down to earth with a jolt. I must have been unbearable in the group in those early days with my confident and bullish attitude. I know better now.

I can’t recall anyone in our group who manages to keep losing weight very fast for their whole time. That isn’t to say that it is impossible to do. There are many people posting huge ongoing weight losses on the wider Facebook groups. (i.e. not in our FB group). Week after week they appear to lose loads of weight! I trust that if anyone joins the Bluebrook Park group who is like this, that Mandy-Lace will have a quiet word with them. We don’t want people like that in our group.

Steady Weight Loss With Slimming World

Having both ‘maintained’ and ‘gained’ far too many times in the last 13 months, I am now a steady person. I try and keep an even pace and hope for a loss most weeks, even half a pound will do. Out of the last 10 weeks I have lost weight in 9 of them. The agony of the other week still haunts me and I can’t bring myself to mention the numbers here. I know many people like me who endure mental pain and depression when they put weight on. But I do not beat myself up in the way I used to. Not anymore. (Mandy-Lace, Martina and Naomi know how much I put on that week but no one else. Oh rats! Of course, the weigh station team know, but they have probably forgotten by now. It’s so hard to be secretive and clandestine in Bluebrook Park!).

Mandy-Lace says ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’. But there is less glory and euphoria with slow and steady weight loss. It seems and feels like less fun. It is workmanlike and not very glamorous to lose weight slowly. I have only won Slimmer of the Week once because I now try to keep an even pace. 5 stones 1 pounds is worth celebrating but I did most of it at a ‘walking’ pace and without much fanfare, other than the day I won the award.

Hardly Losing Weight With Slimming World

Most people are ‘walking’ in our group. But there are some members who ‘plod’. They are losing weight very slowly and by an up and down route. Sure enough they still lose weight but it is agonisingly slow.

‘Plodding’ is like going on a fairground carousel but with no one having any enjoyment or fun. Round and round we go. Up and down, up and down and never really getting anywhere. I put it down to several possible causes. Firstly, some people do not follow the eating plan…

Moving on… Secondly, some people are good for most of the week and then sabotage everything with a massive binge. Thirdly, some weeks there is no time to plan things so you take the line of least resistance to ensure that you at least eat something. This will nearly always involve too many syns. Fourthly, if you are getting close to your target then your weight loss slows down quite dramatically. The fight gets harder. Then there are the times when life gets in the way.

2 Stones Award

Naomi's 2 Stone Award - Well done!

Honourable mentions this week.

It has come to my attention that some members are trying to get a mention in my blog by saying and doing notable things in group. Well done to you and knock yourself out! I’m always on the look and the listen. Thank you.

Naomi achieved her 2 stones award. My nearest and dearest is a classic steady loser.

Stan has renamed the scales the ‘Tablet of Terror’

Ivan announced that his weight gain was due to ‘the squirrel having a week off.’ Not quite sure where to go with that one.

Nigella told me following her holiday gain last week ‘That’s Amsterdam out of the way.’ Another way of saying that she is drawing a line under things and moving on.

Following her epic trip to New York, Felicity posted a 3 pound loss. So unfair to the rest of us. She should at least have the grace to maintain when having a holiday.

Jackie won her 1½ stones award. Her relief was palpable. Well done.

Stan shared how great it felt not having to wear a seat belt extension when he took some flights this week. These ‘little things’ are in fact huge milestones. How great to get on a plane and not be the odd one out, needing special attention. Being the same as everyone else is very comforting.

With thanks to Naomi who wrote most of this week’s post.

Published by Ken Jones

This website is all about my Slimming World diet. I started the diet in February 2016. I kept a detailed diary of what happened in my first year. This has now been published as a book called 'The World Of Slimming'

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  1. A brilliant read, as always. It’s always so reassuring to hear that somebody else struggles with the same things that I do – especially someone like you and ‘Naomi’ who are such an inspiration to me!

    Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

  2. A brilliant read as always. You are an inspiration Ken. I feel honoured to be part of your journey.

  3. Very inspiring.Glad to know we are all on the same journey.Others might reach at the destination quicker than others but the bottom line is not to give up sooner or later we are all going to get there

  4. Another thoughtful read, always full of insight and encouragement, not to mention a few giggles.
    We all keep going!
    Eve ? X

  5. A brilliant insight as usual Ken and I can see Naomi’s wise hand in it. Great explanations of the different routes that can be taken and yes, it is up to each individual which one to choose. That is the beauty of it, we all can go at our own chosen pace … I had been on the 3rd option for a year until I decided to move my derrière and focus on the finish line and then the first option kicked in!
    The video is extremely moving and really shows that those who are determined to get to Target will do it irrespective of what gets in the way, even if it takes a little longer than planned. Very inspiring Ken – you always are xx

    1. Thank You Marie-Louise. I showed Naomi the video and then furiously typed down what she said in reaction. This is quite an emotional experience for us.

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